What kind of wood is this furniture made out of?

There are several ways to identify the type of wood used in a piece of furniture.

Here are a few typical approaches:

Look for the color and grain patterns:

Each type of wood has its own unique grain patterns and colors. For instance, cherry wood has a fine, uniform grain and a reddish-brown color, whereas oak has a distinctive grain pattern and visible pores. The species of the wood can frequently be determined by closely inspecting it.

Smell the wood:

Different species of wood have distinctive aromas that can be used to identify them. For instance, walnut smells mild and slightly sweet, whereas cedar has a strong, pleasant aroma.

Verify the weight:

Wood comes in a variety of weights and densities. For instance, pine is relatively lightweightweight compared to oak, which is a dense, heavy wood. You might be able to determine the species of wood by lifting the item of furniture and feeling its weight.

Look for remnants of bark:

If you find remnants of bark on the wood, you may be capable of knowing the species. For instance, oak bark is rough and deeply furrowed, whereas birch bark has a distinctive peeling pattern.

Use a wood identification chart:

There are numerous charts that can assist you in identifying various types of wood based on their characteristics, such as their grain pattern, color, and texture, that are available online and in books. These charts can be used to narrow the options by comparing the wood in your furniture to various species.


You can usually determine the species of wood used in a piece of furniture by looking at the grain patterns and color, smelling the wood, gauging its weight, looking for remnants of the bark, and using a wood identification chart. Knowing the type of wood can help you assess the object's quality, potential value, and past.

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