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Joseph Jane Vintage

Framed Cadbury's Poster Coldworld Prints

Framed Cadbury's Poster Coldworld Prints

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This print titled "Drink Cadburys Cocoa, 1888" takes us back to the vibrant advertising scene of 19th-century Britain. The creator remains unknown, but their artistic prowess is evident in this beautifully illustrated poster from The Graphic, an Illustrated Weekly Newspaper. In the image, a young Victorian girl dressed in traditional clothing holds a cup and saucer filled with steaming hot chocolate. She dons an apron that signifies her occupation as a waitress or server. Her innocent yet determined expression suggests her dedication to providing excellent service. The concept behind this advertisement is clear - it aims to entice viewers into indulging in Cadburys Cocoa, a popular drink during that era. The bold lettering emphasizes the brand name while capturing attention with its Western script style. As we admire this historical snapshot, we are transported to a time when newspapers were the primary medium for spreading news and advertisements alike. This portrait serves as both an illustration of British history and a testament to the creativity of artists working within the advertising industry at that time. While we may not know who created this remarkable piece of art, its impact on society cannot be denied. It stands as a reminder of how far advertising has come since then while also showcasing the enduring charm of vintage illustrations like these.

Drink Cadburys Cocoa, 1888. Creator: Unknown

Drink Cadburys Cocoa, 1888. From, The Graphic. An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper Volume38. July to December, 1888

Natural wood frame - 21"W x 27"H

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