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Joseph Jane Vintage

Pair of Balinese Temple Rubbings Framed Artwork Decor

Pair of Balinese Temple Rubbings Framed Artwork Decor

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Vintage Framed Original Thai Temple Rubbing of Musician on Rice Paper. Frame is 24.75” x 14.75”.

 Originals are rare to find. 

The artists would put rice paper on these walls and produce a rubbing of various scenes from Ramakien before it was outlawed by the Thai government.

The rubbing for sale are original temple rubbings and are no longer allowed in Thailand. In the late 1960’s/ early 1970’s the Thai government outlawed and banned this practice of producing rice paper charcoal rubbings from the temple walls in order to preserve the detail and original beauty of the temple carvings.

Religious and Inspirational scene of two Thai dancers.

Date Prior to 1967

Rubbings on rice paper

Original rubbing unsigned

Circa 1950 to 1960s original rubbing on rice paper.

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